Purge Cache Required to Recieve Messages

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Cache Problem

Every 24 hours, I must manually purge my cache at Cloudflare. If not, I cannot receive messages from the contact forms on my wordpress website.

I suspect Object Cache Pro (MU) / Redis is causing a problem. I cannot update or remove this plugin.

What strategy should I try to resolve this problem?

Note: I am using Cloudways with a Vultr Server

Thank you


If your problem goes away when you purge the Cloudflare cache, one thing you could try is to set an exception to the form’s URL so that it isn’t cached by Cloudflare.

If your form is being cached by Cloudflare, in all likelihood you have a Page Rule with a “cache everything” setting. Create another page rule for the form’s path and place it above the cache-everything rule. This page rule can have any setting, the only purpose of it is to take precedence and avoid the cache-everything rule being applied to the form.

So you’d have, for example:

Your form’s page rule:

URL: example.com/my-form
Setting: Always Use HTTPS

Above your main cache-everything page rule:

URL: example.com/* 
Setting: cache-everything

Thank you Much Cbrandt - I will give that a shot!

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