Purge cache of specific wordpress pages using page rules


Hello, im trying to find some one to help me with this thing. Im trying to clear my cache using page rules from 3 of my main wordpress pages.

Right now im clearing the cache of the entire website just to refresh my main page when i add new content. This is such a waist because the rest of the website is static, and i dont have to clear everything.

My website is wordpress based and i need some help setting up the page rules to have my 3 pages cleared once a day at a specific time. This way i dont have to worry about them i just know that they will refresh each day! If i manage to do this i save up a lot of CPU time because i dont need to recache all my pages over and over again.

Right now i`m using Hummingbird Plugin and have CloudFlare connected to it for using cache.

Hope you all did understand what i need help with.
Thank you! have a good day!


Page rules aren’t’ really designed to execute in the manner you’re suggesting. Cloudflare doesn’t cache objects as a page per se, instead we cache objects individually. So what you would need to do is not clear the individual pages (although if you are caching everything you will need to call the cache to purge those specific html files, but you’d also call to purge any static assets which had changed.

If you really did want to just update those 3 html pages, you could write a script to call our API and purge them as individual objects https://api.cloudflare.com/#zone-purge-individual-files-by-url


This out of my league, if only it was a much easier way to do it. I think the only solution is to enable " don`t cache main page " on Hummingbird Plugin and i will have the main page not cached at all by cloudflare. But the down side is that the main page is loaded a lot of times, and it needs to lead the content over and over again.

You can purge a page by using URL? i saw that you can purge individual files like images or scripts , you can`t purge the entire page?

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