Purge cache not working... on my website

Hello everyone,

When I try to purge cache of my website. But it doesn’t work.

Please Cloudflare fix…

Hello, check the requests with F12 if it’s actually cached by Cloudflare (The status of the cache will say MISS if it’s not cached), your webserver could also cached your content, because if you hit the purge cache button, your cache definitely gets purged from CF’s servers.

You can also use the Dr. Flare extension for Chrome to check the status of Cloudflare’s cache on a given website. Please not that the extension isn’t created or maintained by Cloudflare, it’s a 3rd party extension.

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It says HIT in Dr Flare, I have been clearing cache using WordPress plugin and the Cloudflare dashboard. I have been using Cloudflare for more than 6 years… I hope this bug gets fixed soon. Thanks for help.

It’s difficult for anybody to help you if you failed to include the information below:

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I tried to add the URL in the beginning but it didn’t allow me…

So here is the name of domain name: easytutoriel dot com

I hope this helps…

When you see a HIT, is there also an Age header? You can see these in your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome). The Age header should be lower than the # of seconds since you Purged Everything.

It also looks like there’s a cache on your server that’s returning an X-Cache header:

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I can see some pages got cleared just recently, but for some pages cache is still old… with higher age.

I am using W3 Total Cache locally and I cleared it, disabled it, still same problem.

Mine has the same Last Modified Date, and is a MISS, but looks different from yours:

What is it that’s not updating?

The problem is fixed and cache is cleared entirely now.
Thank you!

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