Purge Cache by directories or wildcards

You will need to specify the full path to the file. Wildcards are not supported with single URL purge at this time. You can purge up to 30 URLs at a time.

Seen this on Custom Purge Option. Will the cache purge option with wildcards come anytime soon?

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Just open a Feature Request as this is what you are asking for.

If you open a Feature Request and a lot of people are voting for it, it may come true.
… well at least if you believe in fairy tales :smiley: cuz I never saw any Feature Request here in the forum which they actually implemented. See LINK

Also pretty usefull but they dont support it.

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They know this feature of purging by directory is important for many site, as similar to use together Cache Everything and Ignore Query Params.

Exactly I often also wanns use the Subdomain (just this subdomain!) I’m currently working on. But then (becasue of the lack of this feature) I have to clear all caches and this will:

  1. trigger more load at CF as they have to wipe/clear more cache.
  2. It will decrase performance and increase load at the other subdomains aswell as there is not CF-Cache anymore.
  3. make Users unstatified becasue of a simple feature which is missing.

Also I think:

  1. Wildcard is good.
  2. RegEx is very unlikely as with RegEx Users can trigger very high load if used wrong as RegEx can iterate very high and this will result in exponential Load.

Just mentioned RegEx as I already tought about this. But as Feature Requests are not taken seriously here I think requesting them does not make a lot of sense.
So supporting the wildcard * would be nice and for me seems to be not very hard.

May be they will provide it sometime soon. Cloudflare do help us by bringing new features. But sometimes those features can only be found on higher paid plans.

yeah need that.

Just opened this Feature Request:

Chances are btw at 0% it will be implemented as they just shut down all the Threads opened related to this issue with “its not there”. But may give it a try and vote for it.

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