Purge by single-file (by URL) not working

I am using a cache everything page rule. Purging by single URL does not work for me, neither through Custom Purge in the Dashboard nor through the API.

I am testing this:
curl https://staging.travelfeed.io/@jpphoto/community-test -v

After editing the post and purging the url https://staging.travelfeed.io/@jpphoto/community-test, curl still loads the old cached version (to see the current version, append any query string). Only purging everything results in the current version.

The URL purged matches exactly the one requested, and as far as I can see there’s none of the response headers that would prevent cache deletion, no origin header and I haven’t set up any custom cache keys either.

I’m not able to replicate this. I thought the @ may have been a problem but this URL works for me. It’s in a Cache Everything page rule, and a Custom Purge in the Dashboard works.

For the ‘curl’ command, I try a ‘curl -I https:/…’ That’s a capital i flag for Curl to show headers-only so I can see the cf-cache-status.

Thank you, I figured out the problem now - I had Edge Cache TTL set to 1 month, removing this setting from my page rule made URL purging work without issues

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