Purge by Host to the Free Plan

Its really a recommended feature on the free plan, so we can purge for example https://blog.example.com instead of the entire zone. And still Cloudflare insist us to not purge everything in a zone…

Reminder: We highly recommend performing single-file purges.

It’s not a big deal to Cloudflare to do a Purge Everything. It just might be overkill for what some people would want.

If you want Purge By Host, that’s an Enterprise feature.

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Then it might not be no big deal to Purge by Host.

On an Enterprise plan it isnt a big deal :wink:

You generally seem to request a lot of features which are on paid plans for the free one. I am not sure this is the overall intention of the different plans and I guess if Cloudflare would have wanted to offer them on the free plan, they’d be already on the free plan :slight_smile:


Wish I could afford one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: