Purge APO cache when un-publishing

On WordPress 6.5.3 with Cloudflare Plugin 4.12.7 and APO enabled.

When I change a previously published post or page’s status from published back to draft, or trash, the page remains visible from the cache unless I manually purge it.

This appears to be a bug in the Cloudflare WordPress plugin, is there any fix or workaround anyone knows short of disabling caching entirely?

Hi there,

Please try searching the plugin settings and find and enable Auto Purge Content On Update.

Take care.

@mcorreia does that work with APO enabled then as the settings panel says:

Note: This feature is superseded by Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress. If you are using APO, then this setting should be disabled.

So we’d got this turned off and APO turned on which seems to be the combination that’s not purging the cache on post change from published to draft.



Hi there,

I see. You have to many zones, so I didn’t actually analyze what the issue might be. The setting I suggested usually solves the issue if caused by a manually created force cache rule.

Since you have APO enabled, this is my suggestion. Start by disabling any cache plugin you might have installed at WordPress and disable or delete any cache rule manually created in Cloudflare that interferes with that particular hostname. After that do a full cache purge in Cloudflare dashboard, go back to Cloudflare plugin, press the Apply button next to Apply Recommended Cloudflare Settings for WordPress and see if the issue is solved.

Take care.

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