Purchasing Spectrum separately

Hi. we use free plan. We need only UDP protection. I want to know price for it. I don’t need any features from Enterprise plan. Could we arrange it?

You need to contact the Sales department. We can’t do anything about that since no one here is an employee or is from that department.

I have tried to do it. But support did not answer me.
I Log in to my Cloudflare account and click on ‘Support’ -> ‘Help Center’.
But after i can not to click menu and select ‘My Activities & Requests’ because
i become non authorized. i attach screen

That is not the best way to contact sales, could work though.

The issue you are seeing is browser related, change it or reset the configuration changed.

I have tried 3 browsers on my PC (today I have tried new yandex browser), and I have tried It on another PC. It has not helped. Could you send me the Sales department contact?

It’s in the top right of the home page of Cloudflare, call the phone number or click on it to reach a contact form.