Purchasing of SSL for the Domain

I have a domain, primary domain xxx.com … Will you provide SSL for the domain? if yes how can I activate the SSL for the domain?
and also if you provide SSL for subdomain … Let me know the procedure as well

Let me know the possible solutions, happy to hear you

Hi @user695, yes, you can can use Free Universal SSL for your domain. To do so, you’d enable SSL from the bottom of the SSL/TLS app in the Cloudflare dashboard. It will take about 24 hours and you’ll see a notice on that page indicating Active Certificate. There are details you’ll need to work through, like the SSL setting you want to use. Can you share the actual domain name here?

As @cloonan already elaborated, Cloudflare does offer a certificate under their universal SSL programme, however that certificate only applies to their proxies and cannot be installed on your server, and it further does require you to proxy your site through Cloudflare.

You will still need a certificate on your server. That could be any certificate that is regularly trusted by any browser (be that paid or a free Lets Encrypt one), as well as a certificate from Cloudflare’s own Origin Certificate programme.

So if you choose to proxy your site through Cloudflare you will have two certificates. One on Cloudflare’s proxies and one on your own server. Both are required to have a secure connection.

So if i have a cloud flare account and proxied through cloudflare to my server (A record) i dont want to purchase ssl certificate for the domain… Am i correct?

No, as I mentioned you still need a certificate on your server.

So What this means?
totally confused

Taking the Pain Out of Managing Your Domain Specific SSL Certificate

Managing your SSL certificates has never been easier or more cost effective. With a few clicks in the Cloudflare dashboard, Dedicated SSL Certificates are automatically generated and propagated throughout our global content delivery network, providing robust encryption, along with lightning fast performance and compatibility.

Offering a fully managed solution, Dedicated SSL Certificates eliminate the burden of generating private keys, creating certificate signing requests (CSR), renewing certificates, revoking and reissuing after crypto vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, and many of the other maintenance tasks associated with traditional SSL certificates.

This refers to the proxy certificates but I am afraid thats mostly marketing speak anyhow.

What you can do is have an origin certificate issued from Cloudflare - in which case you will avoid the steps mentioned in that article. You still need the certificate on your server however.

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