Purchasing a Multi-Domain SSL Certficate with a Wildcard

Hello. I currently have a domain on Liquid Web and I’m asking them for a SSL certificate with a wildcard. Unfortunately, they only allow multi-domain SSL certificates, which is something they don’t provide. Is it possible to purchase a multi-domain SSL certificate from your services and implement it into their domain? Also, this is an urgent request so I need this done as soon as possible. Finally, I’m not very knowledgeable on this subject so the instructions need to be as clear as possible. So far, Liquid Web has said they can create a CSR. Do I hand this to you once it’s done? Thank you.

This is the only type of certificate that Clouflare will issue to be installed on an origin server:

It’s only good for one zone (a domain, wildcard, and/or its subdomains…not multi-domain), and is not valid unless that hostname is proxied by Cloudflare. Read the document carefully.

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