Purchases still in cart after checkout

We are having a problem with purchases remaining in cart after checkout is completed. User purchases, then if you go back to .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ the order is back in there. This is a Wordpress directory listing theme using WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions, on Siteground hosting. We have tried taking all the customizations and plugins off. Trying to turn off all the caching to the staging site where we are testing this all.

Can Cloudflare connect/have any affect on a staging site, automatically, if the original domain is connected to Cloudflare? Even on my staging site that has the optimizer plugin turned OFF, we add code to always clear WooCommerce cart, then about 20-30 min later the code doesn’t work anymore and the problem is back. I want to know, since I have my Live site connected via Cloudfare interface (and also possibly via Siteground?) if it could also be doing my staging28.themonkeymashup.com also. And also, should Siteground customers be utilizing the Cloudflare.com interface for settings, or the SG Optimizer interface (or SIteground host interface) for settings? And how can I tell if Cloudflare is doing ANY thing on a specific page? themonkeymashup.com/cart or themonkeymashup.com/checkout ?

Or has anyone had a similar issue and what did it turn out to be? Thanks!

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