Purchased New Domain Here, How Do I set the DNS Records?

First time purchasing a domain here. I always wind up moving domains here. Anyway, What do I need to do to set the DNS Records?
I see Add Record, what so I select, do I select NS for Type and @ in the Name field, then the nameserver name? When I tried this, I got an error message.
I just need to set this up so my domain is up and running. Or would this be a CNAME Record? How many records so I need to set here? I would think it would be 2, for each Nameserver name? Thanks for the help! John

The mandatory records for DNS zones, such as e.g. SOA and NS for the domain itself will already have been added by Cloudflare, even though they are not actually shown to you.

What kind of records, →

→ as well as how many records to add would depend on your actual web hosting provider.

If they tell you to add one single record (e.g. one CNAME, according to your words), then you add that one record.

If they tell you to add two records (e.g. one A and one AAAA), then you add that two.

If they tell you to add eight records (e.g. four A and four AAAA), then you should add all that eight.

Same would apply if we’re talking email providers, and e.g. their MX records.

Generally, you should just follow the hosting provider’s advice for which records to add.

It does however sound like you are on on the tracks about where / how to add records, but if not, there’s a tutorial explaining that here:

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