Purchased Images Platform. But I Do Not Understand How To Connect My Wordpress Website

Hi there, Today I found that I can optimize my images by reading this post on your website.

After I purchased it I found it is something difficult to use. I thought it will connect with my WordPress website and fetch all the images from my website. But looks like it is not the case.

If I am wrong please let me know. If there is any feature that can help me by fetching all the images from my website which is khalsa-website-designers.net to my Cloudflare images. So that I can optimize those images, resize them.

I can not manually add images as we update our website and create new blogs every day and add nearly 50-60 images every day.

In other words, Do I have to have a PRO plan to get all the images auto fetched or does this $5 subscription with the FREE User plan also can do what I am looking for?

Will wait for your reply. Thank you.

Cloudflare already acts as a pull-CDN a long time ago, where it will fetch any resources (including images) from your server and serve them to the visitors upon request. By having at least a Pro plan, you can have the image optimization feature (Polish) which will help compress the images to smaller file size with WebP image format conversion support. If you want to resize the image resolution (width x height), set image quality, etc., then you may consider using the Image Resizing feature.

On the other hand, Cloudflare Images is designed to store images uploaded by the user, more like a push-CDN thingy. Based on your requirements, I don’t think Cloudflare Images is really what you need.

Wow, thank you very much for clearing this out. Thank you community. I love Cloudflare.

I already serve WebP as I have a plugin in my WordPress site, which converts images to WebP format and serve, I also use “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress”. I think it caches images to Cloudflare’s edge network too.

Do you think, I should get the PRO plan even if the images are already getting cached from Cloudflare’s edge network? and I am already using WebP converted images. Worth it or not?


Should I buy Argo Smart Routing? Even if I am using the “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress”.

This is not advisable, as you might serve WebP images to browsers who do not support WebP format (e.g. older Safari browsers).

With the WebP compatibility issue that you have, I can’t give an exact answer. It’s up to you whether you want to give up WebP conversion or WebP is a must for you.

Argo Smart Routing accelerates dynamic requests. If your website is highly cachable, I don’t see a reason to purchase Argo Smart Routing.

Hi there, Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time you took to look at my issue. Now I see and understand things much better.

Yes, WebP is a must, Those browsers which do not support WebP my website does not show them the WebP version of the image.

WebP is a must, And I know Cloudflae’s PRO plan is also offering WebP and a lot of other features, But i was looking for just images related features. But the PRO plan is expensive just for images. My images are already optimized on my website and with the help of Photoshop.

So, i think i should stay away from the Pro plan as it’s too expensive just for the images solution which i was looking.

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Does it work properly when it comes to identifying browser compatibility? Because usually when Cloudflare cached the WebP image coming from your origin, Cloudflare will serve this WebP image to any client no matter which browser they are using.

Ok, then I will purchase the PRO plan. Thank you for your suddestion.

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