Purchased domain through Cloudflare- Big Mistake?

I have a website through Membervault, which is like Teachable or Thinkific. I purchased a domain through Cloudflare to use for my website. In the past, I purchased through Wordpress. I created a CNAME record so Membervault could verify domain ownership. Then, I created another CNAME record to point my domain to my Membervault site. I ended up using Cloudflare, as well, because my root domain wasn’t redirecting to my subdomain.

This time, I decided to just purchase right from Cloudflare, but I feel like I made a huge mistake. I tried creating A records for my root and subdomain, but I don’t have an IP address to use. Am I missing the web hosting piece? Do I need that before I can point my domain at my Membervault site?

I don’t even know if I’m asking the right questions on this. Appreciate any help.

Assuming you are just getting started with the process of connecting your domain to your Membervault, you shouldn’t need to set up any A records yet.

What step have you reached in their guide?

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I created a CNAME record so that they can verify domain ownership. I was told by Membervault that it won’t work without an A record. But I have no IP address to create the A record.

The domain ownership verification isn’t working because of this. This has to happen first before I can create the CNAME record to point my domain at my Membervault site.

For starters, make sure all DNS records are :grey: DNS Only. Many hosts will see that it’s proxied by Cloudflare and not verify the DNS record.


Ok I just tried this, and it looks more promising now. When I look up the CNAME record I created for this on mxtoolbox, it shows DNS record found and it wasn’t before. Thank you for this! Time will tell if the verification works but fingers crossed it will! Appreciate the help!

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Do you know if a domain must have an A record for the root domain? Or is a CNAME record that points the domain somewhere else enough?

No other records may exist where there is a CNAME. When you create a CNAME at the apex, Cloudflare synthesizes A and AAAA records to skirt that limitation.

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Ok that worked! My domain has been verified! So now I’ve created a CNAME for a subdomain that points to my Membervault site. That is pending but hoping it works. Do I need to select DNS only for this one?

If this works, the next problem I’m going to have is that my root domain isn’t going to go to my site.

You can create a Bulk Redirect that will take care of this. Be sure to check out the examples on the use cases page.

You will want to create an A record using a dummy IP from the network and make sure it is set to :orange: proxied so that your Bulk Redirect will take effect.


Thank you for the help! Very much appreciated! I will try this!

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