Purchased Cloudflare Premium, still says FREE account

I purchased Cloudflare Pro for my domain sims.life but when I try to enable the image optimzation’s it still says I’m under a free plan. Can this get resolved? I have an invoice saying the charge was okay.

First off, I know they’re upgrading the billing system and it’s delaying some activities.

From the Dashboard where it’s not letting you add image optimizations, can you check the DNS settings to verify the Cloudflare name servers are leah and gerald?

Can you also (on the Dashboard), your Billing section? You should see the Pro Plan listed under your Subscriptions.

If all that looks good, open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

Hey there, thanks for replying. Yup, Leah and Gerald are what I am currently using.Yup, it says sims.life $20 last build Feb 12th 2019.

I would have expected that entry to look more like:

Professional Plan (not a repeat of sims.life)

Did you open a Support Ticket? If so, post the ticket # for future reference.