Purchase CloudFlare Plus Through Host (but Switched Hosting)

Tried to search and wasn’t able to find answer (and am going on 2 days for support ticket) so maybe someone here as the answer.

Purchased CF Plus through a previous host and paid for a year upfront for 2 domains – we switched hosts 2 days back and new host repointed DNS/reconfigured everything but noticed we were reverted back to the free plans.

I would assume (although maybe incorrectly) that the remainder of our paid plan would carry over? I could be completely wrong here, and there may be an existing thread on the matter but couldn’t find it :frowning:

Think we had about 5 months left or so, if that’s relevant.

Thanks in advance!

I doubt it would transfer over. Partners have their own deals with Cloudflare, and you probably paid the previous host for your plan. You’d have to check with them on their policy.

As I mentioned above, partners have their own deals, and frequently that doesn’t translate to a standard Cloudflare plan. Some partners include Railgun, but that’s not available here unless you get the $200/month Business Plan.

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