Purcahse pro plan but it can not be activated on my website

Purchase pro plan but it can not be activated on my website

What error are you getting?

dear i purchased your pro plan added the domain footbal.online but it is not shown in my acount as activtaed … can you help me how to solved this error???
I also attached here my purachsed recipt here… Please solved my problem please insure me that my site is added in pro plan or not?

I see you’re using Cloudflare’s name servers, but your site isn’t currently going through Cloudflare’s proxy servers. In the DNS tab, so you have footbal.online set to :orange:?

How did you purchase the Pro Plan? From the Overview tab, the bottom of the screen shows your current Plan in the “Subscription” section. Does it say “Free Website”? And in that box is where you would purchase a new plan. Is that how you did it?

dear i purchased the pro plan and aplied it on my domain. is there any call spport ? i want to solved my isue on call can u cal me at [redacted by staff]
i was purchased the pro plan and do not remember to update the DNS records and then i delete the domain and again want to aplply the pro plan but i gone to ffaild :frowning:

Please edit your post to remove your phone number. Cloudflare doesn’t have phone support for Pro Plans, but you can open a Support Ticket: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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ok now please help me how i can solved my problem. i say that i purchased the pro plan for my website footbal.online i update the cloud-flare dns but when i recheck the dns then it is not activated… After that i deleted the website from the cloud flare and again try to add it in cloud-flare. but when i select the pro plan then it is not added it again depend the price as i was recently purchased the pro plan… No i want to know that where is my subscription

I can’t help you with that, as I don’t work for Cloudflare. Have you opened a Support Ticket?

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