PunchIN and PunchOUT issue

We have integrated a module in our application where we have to communicate with a external API using PunchIN and PunchOUT setup using CXML requests. Upon releasing the feature to staging server, the connection was not happening. On some preliminary analysis we found that Cloudflare is blocking the request from happening. When we change proxy to DNS only everything works, but with proxy it fails. I also tried allowing Firewall Rule using Request URI. However that also did not change anything. We are having Pro plan of Cloudflare.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Look at the firewall activity log on https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/security and see which specific security feature is blocking the requests.

Hello KianNH. I just checked the logs as you suggested and “Browser integrity check” is the service which is blocking the request.

You can use a Page Rule to disable Browser Integrity Check on the endpoint that this application is talking to.


I setup the page rules as you see in the below screenshot. However the page still breaks with the same security feature in log “Browser integrity check”.

Could you temporarily change the Page Rule to a Forwarding URL to ensure it’s actually being applied? Do you have any other Page Rules matching that URL?

Sorry guys. Page rule actually worked. I did a mistake by giving http instead of https in the url. Now that I changed it to HTTPS, it is working fine. Thank you @KianNH and @Albert for replying to this request and helping me out :pray:

Great! I don’t recommend including the protocol unless you specifically need to match only HTTP or HTTPS. If you just write example.com/* the Page Rule will apply to both HTTP and HTTPS.

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