Pulumi IaC Automation API Failures

Hi there,
I’m getting some rate limit and authentication errors after running my Pulumi infrastructure stack a few times. I’ve waited a few minutes for the rate limit to go away but that doesn’t seem to work.
I have created a new account, Super Admin, and new Token, same issue.
How long should I wait for the rate limit?
Just creating and deleting A records on a DNS Zone.
Token has all the rights it needs to modify the Zone.
Was working fine about an hour ago…

cloudflare:index:Record (domain):

  •    * error deleting Cloudflare Record: exceeded available rate limit retries*

cloudflare:index:Record (domain):

  • error: deleting*
  •    * error deleting Cloudflare Record: Authentication error (10000)*

Were you able to determine the cause of this @Riaan?

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