Pulling my non existent hair out! DNS Records Error 1000

I’m a complete novice to cloudflare. Bought domain thatdiyguy (dot) co (uk) via apple and am now trying to publish my site via Canva. Canva gave me an A record to input with the IP4 of
and a TXT record of canva verify.
I’ve added the A record for www. but I cannot get it to work.
I’ve been trying for weeks to work it outmyself, running through various combinations of records but nothing works. I’m now so lost I don’t even know what I’m trying anymore.
The guides are not as helpful as cloudflare think!

Can somebody please look at this and tell me what records and values I should have?

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Your prohibited IP error is being generated by the CNAME you made at your zone apex (the example.com part) that points to a Cloudflare nameserver. That’s never gong to work and it resolves to a prohibited IP. Delete it.

Thanks Epic. This is the current set, still returns 1000

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Try switching the top two :orange: records to :grey: .

Thanks, Epic but no joy. It’s so frustrating. How do I know the IPv4 address is the right one? It’s the one Canva made me input, could that have anything to do with it?
I’m right in thinking that as domain was added via cloudflare that i don’t have to do anything to it’s using my assigned nameservers do i?

Could you maybe show screenshots of how you configured your domain in canva and what steps you are supposed to take?

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