Pulling in DNS records from AWS

Hello - new user to CloudFlare here, and had a question.
I am trying to add my first site, and when I do it appears CloudFlare makes a successful connection to my DNS in AWS. The problem is I have almost 400 records, and the site verification from CloudFlare only appears to pull in 12 A records, which is definitely not correct. Is there something I am doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

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Cloudflare is just guessing at the DNS records you have, as it doesn’t have access to your account. If AWS has an Export DNS function, you can add all these records later.

Unfortunately there is no easy export from AWS :confused:

Is this from Route 53?

I have used cli53 in the past for this.

Free tier accounts are limited to 200 records imported at a time, so you will need to split the file in two or three, and import each separately.

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Yes it is Route 53. I will also look into cli53. I haven’t heard of it before…

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