Publishing pages site creates (preview) only

I have deployed several sites to Cloudflare pages using NextJS(12) static generation and then:

npx wrangler pages publish out --project-name=projectname

and all have been successful until my latest. I have generated and tested the static site files, created a project (sheamedia) then published using the above command. The files are uploaded ( Success! Uploaded 24 files (4.86 sec) ) and the preview site is generated and is fully functional. But, for whatever reason… likely something I’m forgetting to do, no production site is generated at

When I check the Pages interface, I see (MASTER the commit number for the upload) and to the left there’s a gray pill labeled “preview” whereas all other sites have a green pill showing “Production.”

Any suggestions on what might be happening here would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, solved. In case it will help someone else. Creating pages through the dash defaults to the ‘main’ git branch which I never use. If you want to deploy from ‘master’ you need to create via wrangler like:

wrangler pages project create project-name --production-branch master

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