Published changes do not show up

Published some changes using Rapidweaver (Mac) but changes do not show up.
“Purged everything” from cloudflare.
Emptied the browser cache.
Diagnostics reveal the attached errors but I don’t know what they mean.

These are DNSSEC related and not really errors.

What exactly is not showing up? This shows up for now

I have added new images here

You will have to take my word for it that they are not appearing.

In that case I would suggest you pause Cloudflare, wait until the domain resolves to your origin, and try again. Should it then show up it might be a Cloudflare issue (even though Cloudflare does not cache your page), otherwise it is an issue on your server.

Again, the page itself is not cached, so that will be most likely some caching on your server.

Would you be comfortable sharing your origin address here straight away?

How does one pause Cloudflare?
What is an origin address?
I would add that my host is godaddy and the name servers are on Cloudflare.

Pausing is done on the main overview screen at the bottom right.

The origin address is the address configured in the DNS records. You can also post a screenshot of your DNS records if you are fine with it.

Would this be the DNS records?

Yes, you can delete the posting now again.

Several issues here.

  • That address shows the same content as Cloudflare, so the issue is not Cloudflare related in the first place. You are possibly using the wrong IP address here, but that is something you’d need to clarify with your host.
  • You do not have a valid SSL certificate on either IP address, which will make your site insecure regardless of how Cloudflare is configured. You need a valid certificate on your server and that’s also something you need to clarify with your host I am afraid.

Well that’s odd because the only reason that I use Cloudflare was to get an SSL that godaddy would not provide.
Thanks for looking.

I am afraid that is not how it works. You always need a certificate on your server, otherwise you obviously cannot have a proper SSL connection. Please use the search as that topic has come up a million times.

If your host does not provide a certificate and does not allow you to bring your own, then the only viable option would be to change host.

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Then why do I get the locked sign on my web address?

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 11.40.38 AM

Because that only refers to the proxy and the proxy has a valid certificate. You need a valid certificate on your server too.


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