Publish worker to an environment created in Dashboard


Is it possible to wrangler publish a worker to an environment created in the dashboard ?

I added a [env.development] section to my wrangler.toml file, but it creates another worker with a new route:

I suspect this is normal as the environment feature in the Dashboard is marked as “Beta” but I found zero informations about that on internet. I also don’t exclude that I may be completely missing something :sweat_smile:

thanks by advance :slight_smile:

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As you suspected, this is currently the expected behaviour, as wrangler environments are currently separate from those created in the dashboard. It’s a little confusing, but this should improve in the future with wrangler2.

Wrangler 2 will support the new environments and I believe there’ll be a migration path in the future. You can follow services / "new" environments · Issue #27 · cloudflare/wrangler2 · GitHub for any updates.


hey @cherryjimbo ,
thanks for your help! (and happy christmas :D)

so for now the only way to edit the worker code of this kind of environment is via “Quick Edit” button ?

edit: question has already been asked in the Github issue you mentionned :slight_smile:

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