Publish Salesforce DKIM to domain DNS

I’m experiencing some problems as I have to add my Salesforce CNAME and Alternate CNAME records in the DNS for my domain.

My doubt is if I have to add the records as TXT or as CNAME? and in both cases what do I include in ‘Name’ field when creating the record?
I’ve tried to create a CNAME and in ‘Name’ field I wrote ‘selector._domainkey’ but I get the following error: ‘DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004)’

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @sandro ,

Sorry, I thought I had solved the problem, but it seams like not.

I managed to create the 2 necessary CNAME files, but now my doubt is if I should activate “Proxied” or not (Only DNS)? Has been Proxied for the last 7 days, but don’t seam to propagate as Salesforce is unable to recognice.

A DKIM sig CNAME should NOT be proxied. Additionally the ‘selector’ part of the record name is just a placeholder and will correspond to whatever ‘selector’ you used when creating the DKIM keys in Salesforce. Personally I’d go with salesforce1 and salesforce2 as selector names and then create etc.

Thanks @saul

Yes, It was proxied so I turded it off now, and it’s propagated. Thanks for your help!

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