Public widget that shows how secure we are (because of Cloudflare)

I thought this existed, but I can’t find it.

I would like a publicly embeddable widget, which - for a given domain or sub-domain - shows up these things visually, as configurable attributes (we might turn any of these on/off):

  • Attacks repelled
  • Attacks/requests blocked
  • Traffic served
  • Traffic cached
  • Global response time in ms. overall, for cached and uncached traffic
  • … whatever else looks impressive

All of this could be a for given period e.g. 24 hours or 7 days.

The use case is simply to prove to our customers, that Cloudflare is standing in front of us and that we have strong/active DDoS and attack mitigation in place. A confidence driver.

We’d put the whole thing on a page titled “Active Threat Mitigation and Security”

That sounds like something that could be put into an App.

Currently, I only see the bits at the bottom of the Analytics page to Share Your (current) Stats in Twitter.


Not sure whether this is something you need:

But yeah, you need to craft your own API request and turn the JSON response into your own widget.

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