Public IP resolves to cloudflare

So, a while ago I setup a computer at home with NGINX on Portainer.
This is all good, but, I’m trying to access the computer directly, which has SSH.
And right now I’m abroad and thought, I’ll setup a port forward on the router online and connect directly via the public IP I have for my network.

But my public IP automatically brings me to Cloudflare screen.
I’ve removed the portforward to NGINX in my router, so I only have port forward 22 to the local IP of the computer I want to SSH into.

Anyone? :slight_smile:

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What is your Cloudflare question?

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I was basically wondering why, when I enter my public IP in the browser or terminal, it points me to Cloudflare no matter what.
The only thing Cloudflare should do is make my domain and subdomain point to my public IP, right?

Please share screenshot of the Cloudflare screen you report seeing.

If you are talking about Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS offering, the answer to that depends on whether you have the records set to :orange: proxied or :grey: DNS Only. If the record is :orange: DNS queries will receive a Cloudflare IP, not your origin host IP. Cloudflare will then proxy HTTP or HTTPS requests to the origin host. It will not proxy any other traffic, such as SSH.

If you are using your IP and not a hostname Cloudflare DNS isn’t involved in that activity. Are you certain that you are using the origin IP from your ISP circuit and not a Cloudflare IP returned from a DNS query of a proxied hostname?

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Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m sure I’m using my public IP…
And yes, I’m trying to connect to that IP directly, but when I try to ping it, I get “Request timeout for icmp_seq”
And if I try to SSH to the IP directly I get no respone, even if I port forward port 22 to the unit I want to SSH into.
But the port forwarding to NGINX and Portainer works properly.

When I enter my IP in the browser it just redirects me to my Cloudflare domain for some reason.

Could the reason be a redirect rule in your HTTP server configuration? Have you observed what is being sent using curl or your browser’s developer tools?

So, after using developer tools:

When entering my IP I get a 301 error with a response of my domain name.
But I don’t get why it even refers to my domain, as all port forwards to NGINX is removed.
So I should just be hitting my router at this point…

Same also happens in incognito

Scratch that, when I removed the port forwarding it didn’t do it, it just logged me out…
When those are removed it seems I’m not getting forwarded to my domain anymore…

And now it works, great, thanks :smiley:


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