Public-ip not working, only a WAN-IP provided by the router seems to work

Hi, sorry for the long post.
I have a weird?/interesting question and would appreciate any advice.
I have been learning about self-hosted for just about a month, so excuse me if I don’t know any obvious solutions.

I have a “Gigabit” internet (900Mbps-down 500Mbps-up) with a dynamic public IP ( and I want to keep updated on Cloudflare DNS record, I have done all the setup and configuring using a docker container running “oznu/cloudflare-ddns” (with DDNS API token/zones all that) and it “works?” It does create a “A” record with “mydomain(dot)net” and IP ( but I cannot access it, not from my house/friend’s home/cellular network, nothing. It just times out (error code 522).

Now here’s the weird? My router (HUAWEI WiFi AX2) have a DDNS function with 2 Service provider No-IP/DynDNS using a No-IP account, the router itself creates a
“A” record with “mymadepunoipdomain(dot)ddns(dot)net” but it gives me a different IP (100.xx.xx.xx).
Changing manually to this “new” IP on Cloudflare Dash now I can access it,(Using NGINX) and it’s slow, about (153.3 Mbps) but I can’t find a way to keep updated, and the proxy feature it just says “DNS only - reserved IP”

Now, is there a way to update this IP (100.xx.xx.xx) automatically?,
what’s the difference compared to (,
how can i speed up upload and download?,
and should I use it without proxy? ,
Will it affect any SSL certificate?,

Sorry for the wordy post, thanks for your time.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

When your WAN IP lies within, which covers IP addresses from to, this means that your ISP is using Carrier-grade NAT. You should not be able to access anything at the CGNAT address from outside your local network due to CGNAT preventing the flow of unsolicited inbound traffic. To bypass that limitation you will need a tunnel


Thanks for the input this “CGNAT” is news to me, I have been reading about it, and I understand my situation now.

Given my situation, I will need to change my ISP if I ever want to do any sort of “heavy” use on my home server?,
i.e. Game Streaming, Media/Files Sharing, Game server hosting. (Cloudflare tunnel doesn’t seem to support my use case.)

You can probably come up with alternative connection methods for most of those use cases.

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