Public ip is blocking

Dear Team,

We have two ISP providers, When we kept internet on one isp, our sites which are enables cloud fare proxy(ssl) those sites are not coming.If we disabled proxy again sites are coming. Is there any blocking from your end.

Cloudflare does not have such blocks. What country is it? Whats the domain?

Hi This is from INDIA, Its not about particular domain.When we are using proxy(to hide our ip) and using ISP site are not loading.If we are changing the ISP its working.

So you cant open any site on Cloudflare from that 203 address? What response do you get?

Not all sites on cloud fare, Only proxy enabled sites. 522 error is coming.

That is what I was referring to, however a 522 is not a client issue but means Cloudflare cant connect to the server.

So you cant open either?

Well, considering that you managed to open it I assume it is not all Cloudflare sites. It most likely will be an issue with your websites in this case. Make sure they do not block Cloudflare connections.

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