Public ip "has its traffic proxied through Cloudflare" message when adding a new DNS record


I get the following error as shown in the image when trying to add an A Record in the DNS. I have checked that there are no conflicts with the existing records.

Does the error mean that the IP is already being proxied via Cloudflare - if this is the case, what is the workaround to add the subdomain to our account?

Please advice.


You’ve hidden a significant amount of useful information. Maybe you’re trying to add a hostname there’s already a CNAME for. I’m not even sure that’s actually an error. Are you able to save that record, and does it work?

Thanks for your reply.

I have hidden the URL, IP and sub-domain of the client from that screenshot.
The message only appears when trying to save.

Yeah, I agree…It’s more of an info message rather than an error.

I wonder if the client who has given the IP has another application proxied by Cloudflare?

Type that IP address into the upper right box at and see who owns that IP address. If it’s Cloudflare, than that’s not the right IP address to use. gives invalid or not supported when the IP is entered.

I get the details for other IPs we have on record though.

Are you sure you entered it in the upper right corner for Domain or IP?

Yes, I did

I think that’s about as far as we can go here. It sounds like nothing’s broken, so I’d leave it alone for now.

Okay. Thanks for your help

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