Public ip change

My public ip change to why is that ?

That happens from time to time, but really doesn’t matter since Cloudflare DNS is handling your domain.

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but problem is its not point to my site.

That is an issue with your origin itself. The IP you posted is fine to change, it’s Cloudflare’s IP. If the IP of origin hasn’t changed then it seems to just be down.

so you mean it’s domain provider or hosting server?

Cloudflare is your DNS provider. DNS resolves cloudflare.com1.1.1.1 for example. You see this because requests will go ClientCloudflareOrigin Server

You will need to see why your origin server is not responding to Cloudflare. You can either check your server or Pause Cloudflare and see what kind of response you’re getting.

when i’m its not point to my public and it point to cloudeflare ip.

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