Public file directory - Is this against TOS?

Hello, I would like to make sure i am not breaking any cloudflare TOS
I have a server with a public directory to download video files behind cloudflare, I have disabled cache via a cache rule for the URI /uri/*
Is there anything else I need to do to make sure I am not breaking cloudflares TOS and to allow people to download freely from my website/server?

That’s pretty much a violation:

Cloudflare reserves the right to disable or limit your access to or use of the CDN, or to limit your End Users’ access to certain of your resources through the CDN, if you use or are suspected of using the CDN without such Paid Services to serve video

Best to put them on R2 or Stream (aka “Paid Services”).

I’m not serving video. its downloading files off my server,

Is there a way to disable the cdn whilst still protecting the ip of my server?

Hi @swifthdvortex,

It would be advisable to simply use R2.
While you may not serve the videos, if your site has disproportionate traffic, Cloudflare may throttle your service over normal proxy.

It is a bit of a difficult problem to explain all use case issues which may arise from your set up and if you do intend to serve video content.

It may simply be easier to use R2 and not deal with the throttling mess.

Thank you.


I don’t need to host my files anywhere else as i already have my server for that, I just use cloudflare to protect the server IP.

Sorry, no. You’d have to proxy your traffic to hide the IP address, and that would violate ToS.

So how do other file hosting sites host their files on their own servers and still use cloudflare to protect it?

Assuming that they aren’t simply ignoring the ToS, I would expect that they use their own domain with R2.

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Just seems like you guys are all paid to advertise R2.
Ill stick with what I got and if i get notified its against TOS, ill just turn off the cloud and go to dns only

Of course we are *)

Certainly an option

*) Did I get this right, you accuse the people who responded to your posting of being paid shills because they told you the actual facts and you don’t like them?

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