Public Access Enable but site says it is not

I don’t know if this is the right area, but I have 404 error and it says it need to be enabled, but it is enable.

May I ask if this question is related to the Cloudflare R2 and connecting your domain name with a bucket, or? :thinking:

It Is.

I am afraid you’re expecting to list the objects as a “tree” or JSON format like, or something else? :thinking:

Depending on your Security Settings & WAF Rules, and how did you configed it like as or over whole domain, you should access each of your objects/files normally via (sub.) while it’s connected and public.

Are you trying to access the hostname itself or list out the directory as a tree, or rather in your Web browser?

Nope, just the domain

That’s expected.

Try accessing some object in that bucket via your configured hostname now.

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