PTR records?

Hello I have been trying to set up a PTR Record for my domain but I just can’t…

I don’t know how to do this on cloudflare and I’d like some help from you guys, thank you!

A PTR record for your IP address can only be set by your Host (the owner of that IP address). You can not set a PTR record for an IP address that belongs to Cloudflare.

So if I use cloudflare services I can’t use PTR records?

Cloudflare is related to any PTR records as much as your car insurance is.

I didn’t say that. I have PTR records for my server IP addresses.

Why do you need PTR records?

I always get in the SPam folder on GMAIL when I try to send an EMail from my domain…

You are not funny and if you don’t like to help then just don’t do it :smiley:

At least I don’t ask pointless questions on forums, which have been covered a million times already anyhow :wink:

Cloudflare does not process your outbound mail. Cloudflare DNS can manage your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, but has nothing to do with your email’s PTR records.

ofc you’re god and know everything, sorry to disturb you :joy: but just ignore questions you’re not willing to help because not everyone knows how to do specific stuff

okay that’s good info, thanks

I think you have some issue. My response was actually pretty accurate and sdayman just elaborated on that.

But don’t you worry, with your attitude you really don’t need to expect any further answers from me. Good luck.

Closing, as this has been solved.

You can use PTR records. But in almost every situation it is not needed, and for the most common use cases, not possible.

You mention email and spam protection. For that use case, Cloudflare is not the source of the email, so the PTR record would not need to be created on any of Cloudflares reverse DNS zones. Talk to the company that owns the IP range that is sending your email.

If the source of email is your own IP range, you can create PTR records in Cloudflare hosted DNS. These zones would end in or Reverse DNS requires you to control the reverse delegation for a zone, and is only possible for Enterprise customers.

There are other uses of PTR records in forward zones. Those records are created just like any other record.

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