PTR record

How to set set the PTR record for
route1 mx Cloudflare net
,route2 mx Cloudflare net,route3 mx Cloudflare net
because i am facing reverse DNS - No PTR recond
issue in this hostname and its affecting my email Durability.

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Those are MX hostnames for Cloudflare Email Routing. MX records are used to indicate hostnames that receive email. Whether those hostnames to appear in any PTR records will have zero effect on your email delivery.

Thanks for your response.Than what might be affecting my durability in mxtool its shows the above problem in my mail server others every thing is fine and do DNS reverse affect my email durability?

Are you asking about email deliverability?

Are you encountering actual errors from recipients when you send email or are you just reacting to massages from test tools that may make incorrect assumptions?

If you are just working through items generated by an MXToolBox Email Deliverability report, it is important to understand that the conclusions drawn by some online tools are not always correct and often require human interpretation to recognize what should be ignored.

Cloudflare does not relay your outbound email, and email systems that operate at scale tend to have outbound relays that are distinct from the receiving hosts listed in the MX records. This renders any conclusions based on missing PTR records for MX hostnames more likely to be incorrect than useful on all but the most basic and limited email configurations.


I am literally confused like my email up are all in spam i use snovio and all the records dkim dmarc spf records are set the content of my email is all good but the email deliverablility is poor so i used mx tool to address the issues and solve it

Cloudflare doesn’t have an offering that sends email, which makes the Community the wrong place for troubleshooting your third-party issue.

I reccomend the dmarcian forum of you need a place to discuss challenges that you have with DMARC, DKIM and SPF.

I’m not familiar but the summaries on the search results have a real spammy vibe. Any service that hunts down email addresses and adds them to an email campaign that the recipient didn’t ask to be part of has earned any spam designation its emails may receive.

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