PTR Record Setup

I am trying to use Cloudflare to host my PTR records for the IP space that I own.

I have configured the setting in my ARIN account to use Cloudflare as my name server.

And have created the appropriate records on my Cloudflare account.

But when I do a lookup on the IP address I don’t get any results.

I suspect I either miss understand the following tutorial or I am missing a setting in the configuration.

Any insights into the problem would be appreciated. I would provide additional screenshots but Cloudflare is currently blocking my account from adding more images.


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Cloudflare configuration.

PTR Lookup.

Looks like you have two issues (assuming the second screenshot is from the zone, added within Cloudflare)

1.The name of the PTR Record should be, and the content should be the forward dns hostname (i.e pointing at a record on another zone/domain which has an A Record pointing at
2. You have a broken DNSSEC setup: | DNSViz, hence why you see servfail. You have DNSSEC Setup in ARIN (the keytag/algo/digest fields), but not in Cloudflare. You’ll want to disable/remove those fields in ARIN’s Database, or enable it within Cloudflare (DNS → Settings) and update ARIN with the values it gives you.


Updated Cloudflare DNS records.

I also deleted the DNSSEC from ARIM.

I am still getting an error when I do a records lookup. But I suspect I might just need to wait for the DNSSEC settings to change.


You’re creating the PTR Records in the wrong zone/domain within Cloudflare. Those PTR Records need to be added to the zone/domain, not The A records should stay. All you’ve created at the moment is a ptr at

You’ll know when you put them in the right domain/zone when the name just shows as something like 4. 5. and not the full hostname


I created a whole new site in Cloudflare, then deleted the PTR records from the spyrnetwork(dot)com domain name, then readded them to the new site.

I am now getting a response when I do a PTR lookup.



Looks good to me. Looks the new zone used your account cloudflare nameservers (the same you already had configured), in some cases/due to conflicts, it doesn’t, not guaranteed afaik.
DNSSEC is still failing, but I don’t see the DNSSEC fields in ARIN’s DB anymore, so should hopefully just be a matter of time until that updates. I only have used RIPE’s before personally, a google search shows that it seems ARIN says it can take around 24 hours to update.


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