PTR record on Cloudflare?

I am just wondering whether it’s possible to setup a PTR record when my IP adress comes from Siteground?

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PTR records can only be created by the organization that has been delegated the netblock allocation. You will need to set your PTR record with Siteground.

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Ok, Siteground does not offer PTR configuration. So I can not host my site in Siteground and setup DNS with a PTR record in Cloudflare?
(Nameservers pointing to Cloudflare)

Only the party with the delegation can set the PTR. You can use Cloudflare to host PTR records in a zone that has been delegated to you.

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This is confusing because Siteground has my IP and they say clearly they can not set a PTR.

But in my Cloudflare account I can successfully make a PTR record.

Does that mean the PTR record is not working even if I have created it?

In Cloudflare, you create records for your domain.

But PTR records need to be created for the IP address, which you can’t do. That is something your host needs to do.

so if siteground does not offer PTR registration it can’t be done even if they are willing to help me?

You need to ask Siteground about that. If they have the IP allocation from the RIR, they also will have the delegated zone for hosting PTRs. The PTR can only be created in that zone. If they will not create the PTR forel you and don’t offer any mechanism for you to set it yourself, you will not be able to create a PTR.

So right now I have a PTR record in Cloudflare but even if it’s there it’s not active?

You have nothing. A PTR record in a forward zone is only a written record of a user error. It cannot even be queried. PTR records live in the and zones. Your domain is not a child of those zones and can never be consulted for the misplaced PTR record that you have created.

If you need have a PTR for your IP, your host must set it. If they won’t, you can either find a new host or do without a PTR. You cannot simply shove one into your forward zone and expect it to magically be available in a completely different zone under a totally different TLD hierarchy. It is not possible.


Since this isn’t the first time this question has come up, I’ll see if we can prevent PTR records from being created on zones where they don’t make sense.


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