PTR Not Found

I use a VPS and I have 6 Sites hosted on it.

I use the VPS as a Mail Server and I have all DNS entries configured on Cloudflare and working.

I tried to create a PTR record for one of the domains and it didn’t work, I know that adding it directly to my HOST works

But I read in the Cloudflare documentation that it is possible to create a PTR record

So I could create a PTR for each domain.

the dns record on cloudfalre was like this:


What could be wrong in the configuration? Or is the documentation not up to date?

The documentation is correct, but as it indicates in the first line, it is for Enterprise plan customers.

It is also important to understand that PTR records live in child zones within the zone. You aren’t going to see your expected results by adding a PTR record to

The reason it works at your host is because they are creating the record in the relevant child zone within the zone.

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