PTR isuess with WHM/Cpanel

The system sends the domain “xxxxxxxx” in the SMTP handshake for this domain’s email. “srxxxxx” resolves to “172.xxxxx” and “104.xxxx”, not “161xxxx”.

To fix this problem, create a DNS “A” record for “xxxxxxxx” whose value is “161.xxxxxx”.

how can i resolve this when…

Can you check your A mail record at Cloudflare DNS dashboard?
Is it :orange: or :grey: ?
To make your e-mail work propperly, kindly change it to :grey: (DNS only).

Moreover, after you switch it, I hope you do have an PTR for your IP address?

More information about it can be found on the article below:

“The System” shouldn’t be sending a SMTP handshake hostname that’s proxied. It should handshake as

I am using the VPS server in the subdomain having issues with PTR when I check (subdomain domain hosted on PTR)

I have fixed sub domain DNS record mixed . thank you all have stay safe