PTR, DNS-record

Hello everyone. My Cloudflare IP for my domain: and I created A-records and and, accordingly, specified the IP as the content.
When I try “host” command, I always have response “Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)”. Why? How to fix this problem? :sleepy: Help please!!! :sos:

Cloudflare IPS are dynamic, PTR records will not work properly for those IPs.

For now these 2 IPs are static during 6 month… But then how can I set up PTR? I constantly have problems with the delivery of emails

You cannot create PTR records for those IPs. You don’t have access to the relevant zone file. You said you created A records not PTR records. That means you added

Even if you could create PTR records for the Cloudflare proxy IPs used by your domain, none of your email routes through those IPs,v which means those records wouldhaveno impact on your email delivery. Cloudflare has some articles on email authentication that may help.

Tackling Email Spoofing and Phishing

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thank you very much!