I have a problem, I started using cloudflare last week after a few heavy DDoS attacks.

I will try to explain everything as well as possible:

I have a VPS with the Pterodactyl control panel on it, the domain of this VPS is a subdomain (DNS) of the main site.

on Pterodactyl you have a node that keeps all servers online, although the node goes out, all servers are taken offline.
The node can be switched on and off with a few simple commands via the server SSH console of the VPS.
Before I used cloudflare this went fine and I never had any problems here, since I use Cloudflare the signal no longer comes in on the site, the node does run according to the SSH console but on the site the node is offline.

I am convinced that this is due to Cloudflare.

Can someone help me?

It could be that Pterodactyl needs a port that Cloudflare doesn’t proxy. For example…SSH (Port 22).

I also found a paragraph in their documentation regarding Cloudflare configuration. There are a few appearances of Cloudflare in their docs, so give that a search.

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I have tried several things, now I have a special DNS for the node that I have on :grey: the panel’s DNS is still on :orange: so that the panel and the VPS are still protected. That works for now

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