Pterodactyl Panel added as an Application (Tunnels work fine when the panel isn't added as an application)

I have an application that uses two domains, Pterodactyl Panel and it’s counterpart for nodes, Wings both working fine behind Cloudflare Argo Tunnels through the Zero Trust Platoform.

When I add Pterodactyl Panel as an application, the panel and node can no longer communicate. I was under the impression that since it’s me connecting with my browser to the node I can just add my email in an include rule, and I can get into the panel with that, but wings is getting an html response where it expects a json response which according to Pterodactyl Documentation usually means there is a Cloudflare Firewall blocking the requests.

The exact error with endpoints removed:

Try adding the Application another way
to keep it from being unmarshal

I have added the Application as a Bookmark rather than Self-Hosted, as this particular application already ships with high security standards. Thank you to everyone who chimed in with ideas.