Proxying a Domain

Hello there,

I have found some weird configuration on a VPN server which their ip is pointing to but the request header is weirdly enough I am finding that this domain is currently on use in hetzner CDN.

Some how the request is going to and im getting forwarded to some place that is not on Cloudflare or at least no nameservers are registered on here so, you have any idea how to replicate or find out how?

It sounds like you’re encountering a setup where a VPN server is proxying requests to & then forwarding them to a domain hosted on Hetzner CDN.

To investigate, you would need to analyze the DNS configuration of the domain in question and trace the network path of the requests. You can use dig or nslookup to check DNS records and traceroute to follow the path requests take through the network. If you have access to the VPN server, you should review its configuration to understand how it’s handling and forwarding requests.

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