Proxying a domain on your own VDS

Hello, I have a question about proxying a domain using Cloudflare. I need to proxy my domains to hide the destination server from “unwanted eyes”. As far as I know, proxying through your service is free, but the server through which the proxying takes place can be enabled for several users at once, I would not like to get bans in GoogleAds because of unscrupulous advertisers who advertise prohibited topics, so I would like to ask you if it is possible to deploy this service on a new clean IP. As far as I understand, this is done using an ISO that is freely available, and all I need is to buy a VDS on Ubuntu and download the Cloudflare ISO using this guide Downloads · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

I am confused on what you are asking? Cloudflare isn’t going to give you a branch new IP specifically for your server. They also don’t deploy services that is for you to do and then connect Cloudflare to your service.