ProxyDNS and WAF

When i add new A record in DNS, by default its showing “ProxyDNS”, but my application will not work if i use that, so i disable it and the application starts to work again.

My question is, if i leave that disabled, will the WAF will still working?

If not, then how i can solve the ProxyDNS issue?


If it’s :grey:, then it’s bypassing Cloudflare services such as WAF and caching.

What type of error are you seeing?

for some reason can not even login, im using ath0 as user authentication

This part was confusing. It’s either Proxied, or DNS-Only. So I’m guessing it’s :orange: Proxied. In which case WAF and other security measures are in place. You can check the Firewall Event Log here to see if a request was blocked.

Beyond that, I don’t know why auth0 wouldn’t work. Not much comes up in a search. Maybe another @MVP has run across this.

Hi, Thanks again for your help.
I solved the issue with Auth0, now application is working fine, but one point which is file upload is not working good, file can be upload, but its not showing the finish process and its freeze, when i refresh the page, it show the files already uploaded !

if i disable the ProxyDNS then it will work.
I checked the firewall logs and i do not see anything for that.


Try to open the F12 Developer Tools - Network tab while you are uploading files, and then show us the screenshot - is there any resources marked as red?

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I got this image

Also, i tried to disable the WAF, and the issue is same, so looks like something else

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When i enable ProxyDNS for my backend server, some features will not work because its using another applications/servers to finish the features “file upload” as example.
and when i change the DNS to “DNS Only” then problem will disappear, but in this case i will loose the WAS and firewall correct?

What is the solution for that?

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