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Are there any peculiarities in setting up or connecting wss or in general in providing the possibility of a websocket connection via a specific port on a free tariff plan? My web application cannot connect to its own server via a web socket. As soon as I disconnected the application from your service, everything immediately started working.

Is this on, under network tab

If using WSS with Cloudflare, please consider and make sure to:

  1. Have the WebSockets option enabled at Cloudflare dashboard → Network tab
  2. Make sure to use WSS via HTTPS (SSL/TLS tab → Full Strict SSL)
  3. Make sure your Web app works over one of the supported and compatible ports with Cloudflare proxy mode :orange:, which can be found at the list from the link

That is, the port can not be any, but only from the proposed cloudflare?

Otherwise, it would work fine if you switch to :grey: (DNS-only), while the proxied :orange: hostname has to work over a supported and compatible ports as already linked from my previous post.

You can also, hm, use some kind of a proxy / load-balancer (Kemp?) at your origin host/server to make it work on the one needed.

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