Proxy Traffic

Hello Community,

I need help please. I have a domain setup on Cloudflare free account “bet and win dot co dot za”. The WWW record has a CNAME pointing to an external URL.

I have two A records for the root “@” pointing to an IP address.

It seems like traffic to the root domains e.g. “bet and win dot co dot za” don’t get proxied even though when I ping the domain I can see it resolves to Cloudflare IPs so it has to be proxied. I turned on “under attack” mode, and then when I go to “bet and win dot co dot za” it seems like the “under attack” rule has no impact.

I don’t have Cloudflare paused.

Any help will be appreciated.

It doesn’t appear to me so. I see the CF IPs. If you see CF IPs, it means your site is proxied.

Hello Neiljay… I agree with you in principal, but the analytics don’t appear to be agreeing with that, because I am seeing near to zero traffic. Furthermore the “under attack” switch has no impact on the root domains.

To further support my theory, I can confirm when looking at my logs on the origin server I am seeing traffic originating from the IP Address of the “true client” rather than the IP of Cloudflare (proxied IP). True Client IP can only be enabled on Enterprise Accounts which we do not have. So I am not sure how/why, but it seems like the traffic passes through CF, but is not proxied. Is there any way I can get hold of Cloudflare Tech team to check?

Is there anyone from Cloudflare Support that can assist my query? Thanking you in advance.