Proxy status "Proxied" but ping still shows original ip


I have set up a dyndns(provider ) for my homeserver which includes an A-Record for root domain and a CNAME * for all subdomains and NS for the nameservers.

Then I added the root domain as a new site in the Cloudflare dashboard and entered the proposed Cloudflare nameserver in the NS record of my dyndns provider.

After some time the root domain gets the proxy status “proxied” in the Cloudflare dashboard however if I ping the root domain or try to access it via browser(and check nginx logs) it still shows my original homeserver ip.

I did all this around 12 hours ago. Is there still something cached or did I miss something?

Probably need more time. Try rebooting your router. Your old TTL could be extra long.

I disconnected my router to get a new IP, which got updated in the dyndns provider(TTL is set to 60 seconds) dashboard and which I manually changed in cloudflare dashboard.

Still no change for now.

May I ask what is your domain name?

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Hi, I could send you a pm but can not find where?

I’m afraid we don’t provide personal support channels here.

I suggest you check to verify that your domain has the correct NS entries and “A” record proxied addresses.

As it sounds like it’s only been 12 hours since you set up your domain here, it may take up to two days to fully propagate.

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I’m having the same problem. I have dozens of websites all working properly. But today, I added a new one and the Proxy is not working and exposes the hosting IP Address and does not encrypt the website. I’ve tried a bunch of things to try and get this to work but haven’t found anything yet.

Without knowing the domain name, this is difficult to troubleshoot.

It’s quite possible the domain is not using the Cloudflare account you’re making the changes on.

That’s a hosting isssue. Please ask your host to enable SSL/TLS so your website works with HTTPS.

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in my case the problem was that I could not change the nameserver but just set the dns NS entries at my dyndns provider which is not correct. Thanks again @fritex for the troubleshooting.

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