Proxy specific URL to another URL:PORT (like Portzilla did)

I’ve used the Portzilla App for the last year and I was happy with this App. But since the Apps in Cloudflare seems to be deprecated i need to search for an alternative.

This is what I have done with PortZilla:

So when accessing the URL I still can see the in the browser URL field. But behind the scene the content is proxied to my backend’s default page (IP:PORT/).

Is it also possible to use external IPs for this proxy solution?

How can i achive this with cloudflare and without PortZilla.


You can do this with Origin Rules now:

You can find this under Rules > Origin Rules, and your rule based on that Portzilla configuration would look like this:

this rule will forward the “” to “”. This works fine and is a big first step, thank you.

Is it also possible to remove the “api” from the url? e.g. forward “” to “”

Additional question: How can i change the IP if my backend is located on another server? e.g. “” to “”

If this is too complicated I can also add the /api/ path to my backend.

This is also available via Origin Rules, but only on Enterprise plans:

Without an Enterprise Plan, you need to use a different hostname (subdomain).

You can change the URL of the request that is sent to the Origin via Transform Rules.

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