Proxy slider missing for CNAME record (interface bug?)

Hi All,

I have some longer CNAME records for DKIM and I want to turn the proxy off for them, but no slider exists like on other records. I believe it is because these CNAME records are longer than the others, so it causes an interface issue where I can’t see the proxy slider to turn it off. Here’s a screen-shot: image — ImgBB


There’s no slider because you can’t proxy that record. As you can see, there’s no need to turn the proxy off because it’s already set to DNS Only. (at least that’s how I hope it stays once you Save it)

Thanks for your reply sdayman. You can definitely proxy those records, as they are currently proxied (updated screen-shot, here: image — ImgBB) you just can’t tell in the original screen-shot because I’ve clicked to edit them. I’ve included a pre-clicked on screen-shot for those records.

The issue is that the DKIM records are proxied and we don’t want them to be, but we can’t view the slider to turn them to DNS Only when we click to edit them.

I believe the behavior has changed. My suggestion would be to delete the record, then re-add it. I suspect the new record won’t let you proxy it.

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